We offer accommodation/lodging in reliable and convenient places to stay in:

  1. Hotels, hostels and inns (of various classes),
  2. Agrotourist farms

Wonderful scenery, fresh air, excellent local cuisine and hospitable people will help you relax and forget about daily routine.

Basically our tour includes breakfast in the place of your accommodation and two meals – lunch and dinner that will suit your taste.

Car is our main mode of transport – we can take up to 4 people with us. If you provide your own automobile  we will be able to guide as many participants as possible. Our region is greatly developed in terms of transport infrastructure – you can travel by roads, railroads and public transport in cities (with the necessary precautions to ensure your safety regarding COVID-19). The nearest airports are located in Katowice (Pyrzowice), Kraków (Balice) and Ostrava (Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava) in Czech Republic.