What is the administrative division of Poland?

Poland is a unitary state, therefore the law is always the same within territory. It’s divided into voivodeships, powiats and municipalities.Three Emperors’ Corner is located at the junction of Silesian and Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

What are the payment options and currency in Poland (& Czech Republic and Slovakia)?

You can pay either in cash or by credit card in every Polish shop; the former method is preferred by private sellers and in service sector.  Polish zloty is the official currency of Poland, Czech Republic has its koruna and Euro is the legal tender of Slovakia.

What’s the climate of southern Poland?

Upper Silesian and Lesser Poland are among the warmest areas in Poland. The average temperature in June/July is around 20°C and close to 0°C in January. Generally the climate can be described as moderate, with relatively cold winters and pretty warm summers.

The weather fluctuates though, so you can expect a few colder days after a week of sweltering heat.

Is Poland a safe country to visit?

Yes, crime rate in Poland is relatively low. There ain’t no no-go areas here. You should take basic precautions (e.g. protect yourself from pickpokets while travelling via bus).

How widely spoken is English and German in Poland?

Most young people communicate effectively/well in English. German isn’t that common, but you can find some germanisms in Polish language (especially in regional dialect), so the communication is possible to some extent.

Essential Polish Phrases

Yes / Tak

No / Nie

Thank you / Dziękuję

I’m sorry / Przepraszam

Please / Proszę

Good Morning / Dzień dobry

Goodbye / Do widzenia

One / Jeden

Two / Dwa

Is Poland a theocracy?

Poland isn’t a theocracy. Catholicism is the main religion here, however, the separation of church and state is defined by the Constitution. Your religious beliefs don’t affect the quality of our services nor any other cases (e.g. encounters with state authorities). Nevertheless we kindly ask you to respect our places of worship and local customs.

Can I shop on Sunday here?

Generally no. Apart from gas stations and pharmacies, shops in Poland are mostly closed on Sundays.

Can I use EHIC card for medical care in Poland?

Yes, using your EHIC card you are entitled to receive basic medical treatment in Poland

Can I cover my basic needs outside Polish cities?

Yes, generally every village has at least one grocery shop and supermarket. You can find Roman Catholic church in every town; moreover there are many Evangelical Churches of the Augsburg Confessions in Upper Silesian Area. Police stations and health facilities are located in every municipality (the basic administrative division in Poland).

What are the prices of basic services and food products in Poland?

  • Roll – 0,3 EUR
  • Bottled mineral water (0,5 l.) – 0,5 EUR
  • Hot dog – 2 EUR
  • Two course meal – 10 EUR
  • Beer (0,5 l.) – 0,75 EUR
  • Gasoline (1 l.) – 1 EUR